Meet the Runner

My name is Noelle Spencer, and I am a sophomore studying political science and public relations at the University of Florida. My blog, RunRise, focuses on the different running trails within Gainesville, Florida. As a student, I have found that running has been the perfect way for me to de-stress from my school days. While running started as simply a hobby, it has now become my passion. Here’s how:

I began running after I gave up my passion of dancing. I needed to find a way to channel my energy and focus on the positives in my day, and I wanted to grow stronger and healthier. My very first mile was over 10 minutes long, but this only motivated me to cut down on my time. While I was struck down, I was also excited for the challenge. I started running on campus, and I later moved to running stadiums. That simply wasn’t enough; in fact, oftentimes I couldn’t fully relax because I was surrounded by my classroom buildings, and I constantly ran into friends while trying to escape from the chaos of campus life.

Now, I run two miles a day, and I have found an inner peace and a greater relaxation that comes from my alone time with the beautiful surroundings. I am grateful for running and the way it has allowed me to become physically fit as well as mentally sound. Instead of running on campus, I decided to explore the other areas in Gainesville. What I didn’t realize was how many trails there are available (mostly free of charge) for anyone to use. Each trail is unique in its pathways, its animals and its scenes.

With this blog, it is my hope that I will share with you some trails in the Alachua County area as well as ways to detox from the hectic community that we live in today. Throughout this blog, I will highlight areas that are within a reasonable distance from campus. After I run the trail, I will write a review which includes any tips I have as well as highlights that I have found. I encourage you to run along with me, post your opinions on the trails too and start living a healthier life.



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