Lake Alice Trail

While most students were preparing for a nice break from campus life, I found myself struggling to balance four exams in two days. I had these exams back-to-back, which led little time to think about my vacation.

I also found myself trying new study spots on campus – anywhere from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to random classroom buildings (side note: I highly recommend Dauer Hall). Eventually, however, I found myself outside.

Lake Alice is located right on campus, and this is where my feet brought me this week. I didn’t have time to trek across Gainesville to find the newest, most unique trail. I did realize, however, how an individual can find peace and mental restoration on Florida’s very own grounds.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.55.07 AM

Pictured above is the campus map of Lake Alice. It is located off of Museum Road.

There are a few highlights that I found on this trail. The first nature spot is the lake itself. On any given day, a gator might be resting on the banks or taking a swim. I found that traveling past the lake gave me a refreshing view to take in while on my run.


Pictured above: Lake Alice at dusk. 

The second aspect of the trail that I enjoyed was running into the Baughman Center. While the center was closed, I had never realized that our campus even had this building! I definitely plan on returning to study there during the weekdays. The Baughman Center website states,

“In April 2012, the Baughman Center was ranked third on the Florida Architecture: 100 Years 100 Places list published by the Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.”


Pictured above: The Baughman Center gave me a nice running break.


I would definitely recommend stopping to take a rest spot along the trail. I loved this bridge on my way to the Baughman Center.

Finally, along Museum Road I passed the bat houses – another iconic image of the University of Florida. This is unique to our campus, and I appreciated the many people anxiously awaiting to see the bats fly out of their house at sunset time.


The bat houses (which are pictured on the left hand side) made me appreciate our school and its unique qualities.

Reasons why you should check out the trail on Museum Road:

1. It’s close. The pathway is on campus which makes running more convenient.

2. It’s picturesque. Between Lake Alice, the Baughman Center, and the bat houses, you’ll be sure to keep entertained while on the run.

3. It helps you appreciate our campus. How many schools can say they have bat houses on their campus? We attend a beautiful university – so take advantage of it!

4. It’s close to the gym. Keep running on Museum Road and you’ll quickly run into Southwest Recreational Center.

So what are you waiting for to start your run? Get out and see our incredible campus!


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