Loblolly Woods Nature Park

Last week I had the opportunity to check out Loblolly Woods Nature Park, which is one of ten City of Gainesville Hogtown Creek Greenway Parks.

The path is about 3 miles in length, and it’s perfect for biking or running. Oftentimes, however, there was tons of debris in the way, so I would definitely recommend taking a bike if you choose to not use the walkway. The canopy of trees that surrounds the trail makes one feel like they are in Georgia or Tennessee. The area is also teeming with creatures – squirrels, butterflies, spiders and so much more. There’s a man-made wooden walkway that is perfect for running, but it also takes away from the idea of running on a trail.

Possibly my favorite part of Loblolly Woods Nature Park was the natural forming stream that trickles in between the pathways and under the man-made walkway. Even though Loblolly was located right off a major roadway, the stream keeps the noise from the cars at a minimum.

Protip: There are TONS of spiders everywhere! Crawling on the floor, creating webs and waiting for their next meal. If you are afraid of spiders, I would not recommend this trail. Since there are over nine different trails throughout the woods, tons of webs are intertwined between trees. I think I ran into over 15 webs along the way (complete with me freaking out over them!). If this is something that scares you, bring a friend to lead the way and clear out the webs.


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